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“Be careful what you ask for because Julie will definitely make it happen.”

The executive of a well known produce company said that in jest. But only slightly.

Because Julie Krivanek’s analysis had helped uncover the problems that were blocking growth. And the next generation business model she helped them create was starting to produce results even greater that anyone had dared to imagine.

That was no happy accident. Because Julie is not the kind of consultant you may have worked with in the past. She brings a knowledge of the produce industry few people can match. And a 25 year track record of helping companies like Dole, Pro*Act, Sunkist, Get Fresh, Naturipe Farms, Kraft Foods and To-Jo Mushrooms grow and prosper.

It’s a high-energy, insightful, no-nonsense, get-it-done approach. One she learned over 15 years on the fast track as a Fortune 500 Vice President, including five on the merger and acquisitions team.

But her true love is produce. Farms and grocery stores are part of her family history. It’s in her DNA. And it’s obvious the minute you start talking with her.

And she invites you to do just that.