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All of my clients have been referred by other clients. Who better to tell you why?

When you only get new business from referrals, word of mouth is critical. And reputation is everything. 

“We asked Julie to be on our Board of Advisors because of her deep understanding of our company history and culture. With her frank and valuable advice, Julie keeps us focused on making strategic decisions that will keep our business relevant and profitable into the next generation.”

Tom and Dan Chan, Owners
General Produce Company


“We’ve conducted strategic planning in the past within our organization, however those efforts paled in comparison to the process Julie recently directed for us. She was able to assess our situation and people with lightning-quick speed and got down to what really matters in growing a successful business. We came away with a workable plan that’s easy to execute and fits perfectly with the culture here at To-Jo. "

Tony D’Amico, President
To-Jo Mushrooms, Inc.


“Julie is one of the best listeners I have ever met. Her ability to distill the essence of a brilliant idea from a diverse group of people is unparalleled.  Be careful what you ask for when you hire this brilliant mind because your future will become your reality if you ask Julie to help you craft it.”

Jill Overdorf, Director of Business and Culinary Development
Coosemans LA 


“Launching a new program, particularly one that’s never been tried before, takes skill, insight and savvy. Starting with not much more than an inkling, Julie piloted us from concept to an exceptional conference.”

Margi Prueitt, PMA Senior Vice President
PMA Foundation Executive Director


After 30 years of utilizing outstanding consultants to help us with our strategic planning, Julie set the new gold standard. Her "in the deep end of the pool experience" in fresh produce combined with her global perspective and business expertise delivered a result that was beyond anything we ever imagined. Besides that she is damn smart and fun.

Martin Mazzanti
Chairman at The Produce Exchange


“That she was able to take such a disconnected/disenfranchised group of board members and push them into a united team in three days is remarkable.”

John G. Lewis, Senior Consultant and Principal
Marts and Lundy

“I have worked with Julie on numerous initiatives. Her strategic insight and charismatic leadership helped us realign our resources and grow our business.”

Fred Heptinstall, 
Senior Vice President Global Business Development


“Our previous experience with consultants was not good. Julie, however made a difference. Her vast experience, knowledge and straight forward approach helped us create an actionable plan we’re implementing.”

Juan Alarcon, CEO
Turbana Corporation


Julie Krivanek brings out the best in people while challenging them to a higher level of thinking. She is a pleasure to work with.

Jan DeLyser, VP of Marketing 
California Avocado Commission


"I had the great privilege to work with Julie in a several-day strategic session. Her high-energy, insightfulness and no-nonsense, get-it-done approach helps company teams get to the bottom of issues so that they can ultimately rise to success. "

Veronica A. Kraushaar, Managing Partner
Viva International Partners, Inc.


“Julie provided a process structure that kept us focused and guided the event to deliver excellent results. I look forward to working with her again.”

David Krause, President
Paramount Citrus


“Julie has a remarkable capacity for cutting through a mass of information to focus on the key items critical to future success.”

Bryan Silbermann, President and CEO
Produce Marketing Association     


“Julie really helped us look at our company from a strategic, big picture mindset. She truly gets the produce industry and I would gladly hire her again.”

Gonzalo Avila, CEO
Malena Produce, Inc. “