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Produce is perishable. But produce companies don’t have to be.

With the right strategies, a produce company never has to stop growing. And Julie has an unsurpassed track record of helping provide just those strategies.

It’s an enviable reputation that’s been passed word of mouth from the leaders in the produce industry. You’re probably reading this right now because someone you trust and respect recommended Krivanek Consulting.

Because everyone’s situation is different, every program is custom made. But each includes some or all of these pieces.

  • We identify exactly where you are in the Corporate Lifecycle Model and pinpoint specific action plans that can help you reach peak performance.
  • We guide company research teams to discover hidden insights about your current business practices, as well as future trends and forces in the industry.
  • A mini-MBA Strategy Team training program is created to develop executive skills in leadership, sales analysis, financial literacy, business planning, human resources and strategy development. That way everyone starts to speak the same language.
  • The CEO is given candid feedback. Not always easy, but always beneficial.
  • A strategy is developed that will lead to success because it focuses both on your company’s internal management and practices, and on how to achieve superiority in the marketplace.
  • We help you implement that plan, including your presentation to employees where goals are clearly stated. We’ll be there for monthly meetings and the continuing development of your team. So everyone tasked with executing the plan will be qualified to do just that.
  • And we will come back whenever we’re needed. Perhaps that’s the biggest thing that separates Krivanek Consulting. She doesn’t consult in the framework of the past. She won’t tell you what to do. She’ll show you how to do it.